D-NOTE Extractor

This is a tool for extracting pages from a D-NOTE DNA500 writing pad. It converts the given set of files to PNG and can move, delete or copy the originals if requested.

The command line arguments are input file names and an optional settings file specification. There are no other options. The setting file has the following structure:

define pen
  float thickness;
  int color;

top_level config
  float  scale;
  int    background;
  pen    red;
  pen    blue;
  pen    black;
  string image_dir;
  string image_prefix;
  string note_dir;
  string note_prefix;
  int    action const copy(3)
  int    rotate;
image_dir is the directory in which to store the PNG files. note_dir is the place to store the original DNT files, if action is move or copy. The given prefixes are used for the stored files along with a 4-digit number suffix.

The image is rotated rotate*90 degrees clockwise before being converted to PNG. It's also scaled with the scale factor. The DNA500 is a 2000 DPI device. So, a scale factor of 0.05 or 0.1 is reasonable for computer screens with DPI around 100.

Colors are in the 0xRRggBB format.

A sample command line would look like this:

 dnt2png  -c /path/to/config /media/dnt/*.dnt
The -c option tells the program about the location of the configuration file.

Download the source package for 1.0 here: .