Small Font

This is a small 5x7 bitmap font I found on the internet. It looks like this:

This package contains the font in C array format.

Here is a C program which prints out a range of the above characters in column-first format, useful for OLEDs and such.

More Fonts for OLEDs

I wanted to use a Heltec OLED and the tiny font I used above was too small to be comfortably read. So, I started looking for new fonts. I found some here.

These fonts aren't constructed very nicely, but they are OK for a personal project. Anyway, I wrote a little code to convert and use these fonts on a Heltec 0.96" OLED using an Atmega8.

The last one is a program which takes the converted fonts and generates code to display them on an Atmega8. The input to the program is a simple text file which includes one command per each line. The generated code contains functions to communicate with the OLED as well as functions to display a given character using different fonts. Here is a sample input file:
F titlefont.txt
E titlechr
F numberfont.txt
S 0123456789
C :
C .
C *
R 32 32
E valuechr 
An input file consists of blocks. Each block starts with the name of the font file, given by the 'F' command. A block ends when the 'E' command is given. This command specifies the name of the function which will display the given characters on the OLED. Between these two commands, character set specification commands must be given. These are as follows: The output functions have no concept of any control characters. i.e. newline doesn't switch to a new line, it just prints the character associated with code 10.

In addition there are two more commands.